Anyone else?

2011-04-14 10:58:37 by brianBOX

Up for eating fresh shrimp by the po-lice station?


2010-12-22 11:27:41 by brianBOX

Check out the Xmas double feature! Two times the holiday goodness!

Happy Holidays!!

Animation. Its a hate love job

2010-08-27 15:20:42 by brianBOX

Another friday night, another DB short. The fun never ends!

If you thought Alex's job was rough, you should see what they're doing to m-*SSS-CRACK* OW!

No Mr. Joey, Lord of Life, Protector of Us All, I was not checking my email!


Yes Mr. Joey, Creator of All Memes, I'll work 10x harder!


2010-07-17 19:28:00 by brianBOX

Work for the new DB short soldiers on. All this animating a bar scene makes me thirsty....